Friday, March 23, 2012

WanBoo (Rakuten Thrift Store)/Tenso (Forwarding Service) Review

I made made my first purchase from Rakuten recently, taking advantage of their ¥1000 shipping promotion with Tenso.

Overall, I'm really happy with Tenso's service, and I would definitely use them again. I was also very happy with the quality and price of the clothing I bought from Wanboo, a thrift store with a Rakuten storefront.

When Liz Lisa started their last sale, I saw this dress for ¥1995 and wanted it, but wasn't quite willing to pay ¥1995 + ¥490 Tenso fee + ¥1200 shipping fee just for one thing (¥3685, about $44), even if it's a pretty reasonable price for a Liz Lisa dress (especially considering that the original price was ¥9345).

So I was debating about whether or not to purchase it, and eventually it went out of stock -__-; so after a bit of poking about on Rakuten, I found a used one for ¥980 and decided to order it, along with a couple of other things from the same store.

Business Day 0 (March 15): Placed order on Rakuten
Business Day 1 (March 16): Order shipped to Tenso
Business Day 2 (March 19): Order arrived at Tenso; Tenso sent coupon; paid for shipping from Tenso
Business Day 3 (March 20): Order shipped to US
Business Day 5 (March 22): Order arrived


The clothes were wrapped in a plastic bag and taped, and the whole package was taped securely. You can tell that Tenso didn't try to mark up the shipping; the paid amount and weight (¥2220 for 820g) is exactly what Tenso quoted me.

I was really happy with the efficiency in processing/shipping time both from WanBoo and Tenso. EMS shipping can get pricey, but that's not Tenso's fault, and the Rakuten promotion was pretty nice.

What I ordered
The first set of images for each item are from WanBoo and are the property of the store.

Liz Lisa Dress, used - ¥980

Originally ¥9345, later on sale for ¥1995
The fabric is a bit worn overall, but still in good condition.

Ank Rouge Salopette, used - ¥980

I love salopettes. Similar salopettes on the Ank Rouge site now are going for about ¥5985.
There aren't any visible flaws on this skirt - there are a couple of spots with mild pilling, but it's not obvious unless you rub your hand over them.

Tralala Skirt, NWT - ¥500

Original price ¥6195. Totally new with tags - this was a steal! I'm sure it's a couple of seasons old, but I feel like Tralala puts out similar skirts (red tartan with black lace trim) every year, so it's not a big deal.

Price Breakdown
Clothing cost ¥2460
EMS shipping ¥1000 (promotional; usually ¥2220 for 820g)
Service fee ¥490 (for up to 1kg)
Total paid ¥3950

A couple of other thrift stores with good Liz Lisa selections that I found while looking for that first dress:
Wanboo (where I bought these clothes)

And of course, Liz Lisa has a Rakuten storefront, which is nice if you already have a Rakuten account and don't want to sign up with LL's system separately, and also because Rakuten has its "Super Points" program and occasionally has other promotions (like this shipping co-promotion with Tenso).

Overall, I was very satisfied with  my shopping experience and would definitely use Tenso again - and I'll keep checking these thrift stores for good deals!


  1. Hi! I recently bought some Liz Lisa stuff on Rakuten from the same thrift store (Wanboo) as you. I'm still waiting to hear their confirmation. I was pretty hesitant buying used clothes, but I thought, why not? There were Liz Lisa items I wanted that were no longer available on their online shop. You know how Rakuten classifies used clothes from S to D ranking? I was wondering if you know what the clothes ranking were labeled as? So I'd kinda have an idea on how the clothes would turn out. Btw, I found your review on google and so I ended up here. xD

    1. I think the Liz Lisa and Ank Rouge items were both "B," and the Tralala was "S" :)

    2. Awesome~ they look pretty decent. :D Even more excited about getting my purchases. XDD Do they tell you when they're about to be shipped? o: Because I just got a confirmation that I purchased the items. Didn't mention anything else.

    3. No, but they ship them out really quickly - you can see from my timeline that it only took one business day for them to ship out the package, and another business day for it to reach Tenso.