Saturday, March 10, 2012

Outfit 03/10/12

New blog, first post. I used to keep track of what I wore, but found that limiting and so stopped. This will be a loose collection of (mostly) fashion/beauty-related stuff, none of it serious or high fashion (hence the name "I am not high fashion" - I'm really not at all, and not interested in it).

What I wore today:

T-shirt: Forever21
Salopette: M-II (Japanese offbrand)
Safety shorts: eBay
Socks: Forever21
Boots: Naughty Monkey

The tag on the salopette said it fits bust 79-87cm and height 154-162cm, so to make it decent I had to add “安全庫” (safety shorts) underneath. I bought these for $8 on eBay but in Taipei they sell them for 100元 >__< totally got ripped off! These have a fake Liz Lisa döll tag in them though...

Went for Taiwanese food tonight with the student club, so yummy (´∀`) the shopkeeper lady recognized me and was like, "妹妹,好久不見!你長大了!" (Little sister/girl, haven't seen you for a long time! You grew up!)

 I always feel really gross without makeup, but after taking a photo I realized maybe there's not that much of a difference? Now that my acne is a little better than before...

Before makeup: Just woke up. Hair unbrushed. Didn't even wash my face yet.
With makeup: Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation in Honey Beige (110), brown eyeliner
No retouching in either photo, but just realized that I did that "smile in the after photo only!" thing (-__-);

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  1. Your skin looks amazing!!
    (Love your blog btw! Found it from soompi ^^)