Friday, March 16, 2012

Innocent World 10th Anniversary Skirt (Pink)

Bought my first lolita brand item - Innocent World's 10th Anniversary Skirt in pink.

I couldn't find a good stock image, but here's a tiny one showing the black version of the skirt and the cream version of the JSK:

There's a bit of elastic in the band, allowing a stretch from 23.5" to 27.5". At 27.5", I can just barely squeeze in, but it's not a good look. Oh well, more incentive to lose weight.

Also, it was supposed to come with a detachable bow, but mine didn't, so I contacted the seller and she said she just found it and will mail it to me separately. yay!

I ordered some things from Rakuten thrift store Wanboo this morning and had them shipped to Tenso to try out their forwarding service. Tenso's sharing a ¥1000 shipping promotion with Rakuten right now, so if that works out I can save at least a couple hundred yen on shipping.

This is just about all the abuse I want to do to my credit card this month, so moratorium on pricey/frivolous purchases  for the next two weeks!

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