Monday, March 26, 2012

Outfit 03/26/12

What I wore today:
Tank top: Wholesale7
Cardigan: 59 Seconds
Skirt: Tralala
Boots: Colin Stuart
Bow: my mom's from when she was in college ~30 years ago

Didn't really go anywhere in this, just one class and then the health center to get a TB test done. It's starting to get hot here and the boots trap heat. I think this might have looked better with fishnets but I'm not too comfortable wearing those around school.

Wearing clip-in bangs. A little shiny, but not terrible.


  1. This is a nice blog :) Adding you to my blog feed as we speak! ^^

  2. hey, how did u order from tralala? :)

    1. Sorry, I didn't actually order from them. I ordered from a secondhand store called Wanboo on Rakuten via the forwarding service Tenso. But I know that you can order directly from Tralala if you use Tenso - none of the Liz Lisa brands ship internationally, but Tenso will give you a Japanese address (so you pay Tralala for the clothes + shipping to Tenso, and then pay Tenso for handling fees + shipping to wherever you live).

    2. thanks for the answer :)

      btw, do you know the site dodostyle? is a korean clothing site, sometimes they have brands like ingni, cecil mcbee, etc. and i just remember this item i bought:

      if you read below it says tralala (도도에서는 처음 소개해 드리는 일본브랜드 트라라(TRALALA) 입니다)

      but on the jacket it says LizLisaDoll.. do you think its fake?


    3. Sorry, I can't read Korean and don't shop from Korean sites. But I am inclined to believe that it is fake - respectable Taiwanese brands (that aren't name-brand) occasionally copy brands like W♥C or Liz Lisa (for example, Tokyo Fashion currently has a Liz Lisa replica bag on sale). Dodostyle looks like it has its own brand (rather than being an official reseller of brand-name clothing), and I'm guessing that any branded clothes it might sell are fake. However, like I said, I can't read Korean and don't buy from Korean sites, so you might have better luck asking somewhere like Soompi or looking for a Korean fashion blogger.

    4. Hmm, I cant read korean either but I noticed the tralala, and when I got the item here I noticed it said lizlisa on the design (didnt notice on picture), but yea, i was thinking it was a fake too.
      Dodostyle doenst have their own brand. I think they just buy lots of clothes from diferent manufacturers and sell them. The other day I saw the same item on 3 different korean sites: Rowky, Lemoncookie and Bloodycat (or pussycat, cant remember, i think they changed the name again)

      now that i checked my jacket again, i saw some japanese writing on the inside (like instructions)is there any way i can tell if its authentic? .. Im gonna try to ask the store lol

      thanks :)

    5. Good fakes also fake the label. And a store probably won't tell you if it's fake - a common excuse is that they buy directly from the manufacturer. The only foolproof way to check is to track down an authentic garment and compare all the details/labels, and even then it's difficult! Take a look at this post comparing real and fake Liz Lisa tags - the only big difference is that the description on the tags might not match the garment, but it's hard to tell that at first if you don't read Japanese.
      Honestly, if you're okay with the price you paid (and you're not planning on reselling by telling people that it's authentic), it's not a big deal.

  3. I will try to ask INGNI and Cecil McBee on facebook about some of these items:

    and I will try to find a way to contact tralala or liz lisa doll and ask them about the jacket i bought =) I have not see many japanese items sold in dodo.. just like 5 items per brand, the rest of them are made in korea or china (no name brands)

    thanks again =)