Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Outfit 03/28/12 - Hello, Heidi!

What I wore today:
Blouse: Mossimo (Target)
Salopette: Ank Rouge
Safety shorts: 五分埔 (Wufenpu, wholesale garment district of Taipei)
Shoes: Journee Collection
Socks: Forever21
Necklace: gift from my brother's girlfriend

Awkward hands are awkward.

K was sick today, and when I stopped by to see him, he said, “Hello, Heidi!” Funny thing is, my parents almost named me Heidi…I’m glad they didn’t, though.

I don't own any ankle socks but wanted to try out the trend, so I folded up a pair of knee socks! It works pretty well I think (looks a little chunky up close, but not too bad). This is the first time I wore these shoes, I think, even though I bought them about half a year ago - never had the right outfit for them.


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    1. Thank you! >w< I love salopettes, but Japanese ones are always so short on me, so I have to wear shorts underneath XD