Saturday, March 24, 2012

Popteen April 2012 - Capsule Wardrobes x 5

April's Popteen has Tsubasa Masukawa on the cover, promoting her new singing career as "Milky Bunny." I have to say, I thought she would be one of those annoying squeaky-voiced can't-sing-ers, but her voice is actually pretty strong.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post ^^; I really like the "capsule wardrobe" articles, where 15-20 items are chosen and put into various combinations to create lots of unique outfits, and the April issue features wardrobes by 5 different Popteen models, each using 17 items to come up with 14 outfits.

Collection 1: くみっきー (Kumicky)
Collection 2: みずきてぃ (Mizukitty)
Collection 3: まりも (Marimo)
Collection 4: おかりえ (Okarie)
Collection 5: ぴかり (Pikari)

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Collection 1: くみっきー (Kumicky)

Casual and cute, but not terribly unique. I do like those sandals, though I'd prefer a wedge or at least a chunkier heel.

Collection 2: みずきてぃ (Mizukitty)

Still casual, but with more of a retro feel. Totally on-trend. Looking at Ray's list of 10 items for spring, this collection has a color bottom, tulle skirt, flower-print one-piece, white knit outer, bi-color top, loose knit, and bijoux top (7/10).
I am increasingly convinced that I need a pair of ankle boots.

Collection 3: まりも (Marimo)

A very "cool" look - not quite mode, not quite rock, but definitely more of an edge than the previous two looks. Love the trompe l'oeil garter stockings and those pink heels.

Collection 4: おかりえ (Okarie)
Okarie's the face of Ank Rouge, so it's not surprising that everything except for the socks and the fringe shoes are from Ank Rouge. Everything fits with Ank Rouge's brand concept of "nostalgic sweet."

Collection 5: ぴかり (Pikari)

I have to admit, dressing like this is way out of my comfort zone, but she sure looks cute! Also, I think those lace-up boots could be used to toughen up a sweeter style.

I can't read Japanese and am not really familiar with the gyaru at first I was going to give each collection a theme name, but then I realized I could match the kana up with a chart and Google the result. Worked out okay I think, but please tell me if I made any mistakes!  \( >__< )/

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