Thursday, August 16, 2012

ModCloth Review

Placed my first order at ModCloth! I bought these ridiculous socks...

I went with the free shipping option, which is supposed to take 4-9 business days on top of the 1-3 days it takes ModCloth to process orders. I placed an order on the 11th (Saturday) and received it today, so 4 business days.

The box itself is really cute: the outside has a printed pattern saying "Here I am/ brand new and just for you! / This part of my journey is complete."

First thing I saw when I opened the box was this green gingham headband. For a second I thought they messed up my order, then I realized it said "A Free Gift for You!" It's really cute and has wire in it, so it can be shaped.

I think the Flash in the Panda Socks are overpriced, but I was just under their free shipping minimum, so it was either pay $4 for shipping or buy something worth $2+ to get the free shipping, and there wasn't anything cheaper that I liked. Pretty cute.

The green Sorbetto Believe It Dress (sold out) was on sale for $13.99! The fabric seems pretty delicate and the zipper sticks, but it was definitely worth the price I paid. The original price, not so much.

And of course, the main reason I placed this order - the Wu & Wu tins I've been wanting! They came packed in individual corrugated cardboard boxes, but one (coffee) was slightly dented on one side :( It wasn't too bad, and I was able to more or less "pop out" the dent, but it still has one slightly flat side.

The tins themselves are exactly as pictured, although the lids are made of plastic, which wasn't noted on the product page and is both good and bad I suppose (good: the metal latch won't chip off any paint; bad: looks a little cheap). I made the mistake of telling my mom how much the tins cost and she kept telling me they were so expensive (emphasis hers), especially considering they were made in China, but I think they look pretty nice anyway.

Tangent: I really wish consumers could buy directly from Wu & Wu (they only wholesale) because I would love to have their First Aid Tin but can't find it for sale anywhere :(


The ModCloth collection is really nicely curated, with a mix of high- and low-end (although I suspect that they use the prices from some of the brand-name pieces to drive up the cost of the lower-end items). They use the "free shipping" gimmick well, but even their flat-rate shipping is pretty cheap, so I'm guessing that most of the shipping cost is built into the list price of each item.

Most of their stock is non-exclusive and can probably be found elsewhere - and at least for non-branded items, cheaper. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer, or at least window shopper, but I'll probably be buying from the sale section more often than not.

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