Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Introducing Voyya

Tokyo Fashion recently started carrying a new line called Voyya:

The name "Voyya" comes from "Voyage." They carry a good selection of basic items and have a men's line as well as a women's line. Many of the menswear item match up with the women's items, which is nice for couple dressing without being too over-the-top (if you like that sort of thing).

(More information and review after the jump)

Some of their clothes have an "MIT" marker, which I didn't understand until I saw this banner:

So MIT stands for "Made in Taiwan!" While the Tokyo Fashion line is made in Hong Kong, and many of the Voyya clothes are also made in Hong Kong, there are a good portion of Voyya items that are made in Taiwan, using Taiwanese-sourced materials.

Most Voyya clothes are sized (instead of freesize), and lots of styles go up to L or XL. While some styles for women are only available in S and M, sizes go up to L for most items, and even XL for some. Male sizes are S to XL for all items as far as I can tell. I wish they would include the stretched measurements for garments (since they're mostly knit) but what I did for my order was to compare their measurements with measurements of my own clothing of similar material. It worked pretty well, I think. Based on my order I would say that their sizes are about half a size to one size smaller than American sizes - I thought they would be a lot smaller and ordered up, so the things in my order ended up being a bit big.

Here's a sample size chart for one of their shirts that goes up to XL (all measurements are flat garment measurements)

肩寬 (shoulder)33343637-
胸寬 (chest width)36384043-
袖長 (sleeve opening)58586061-
袖口寬 (sleeve opening)991010-
下擺寬 (hem width)36383842-
衣長 (length)60616264-

So the S is roughly 28", M is 30", L is 32", and XL is 34". But a knit shirt can easily stretch another 6 inches (I have some that can stretch 10" or more), so these sizes would probably be good for someone with a bust size within 34, 36, 38, and 40 inches.

On to my order! Tokyo Fashion reduced their order minimum for overseas orders to 5 item, and I bought a couple of other items from their Tokyo Fashion line, but I picked up 4 items from Voyya.

I had been looking for a simple, black, V-neck cardigan for a while, and this one fit the bill. It comes in S/M/L sizes - I picked size L, which has a flat chest measurement of 47cm, because I didn't want something too tight. When I made my order I thought my chest measurement was somewhere between 92-94cm, but it's actually 88-89cm, so I probably should have gone with the M. The sleeves are a bit short for my taste, but not enough so to be annoying.

It also claims to be UV-blocking (due to the addition of...ceramic particle? My Chinese isn't that good ^^;). I really don't like getting tan, so this is a nice bonus. The cardigan is light enough that I can see myself wearing it in the summer.

This cardigan has baby-cable front panels (but plain sleeves and back) and comes in S or M sizes, which overlap with S/M and M/L sizes for the previous cardigan. It's cheaper than the other one, probably because it isn't UV-blocking. I got a size S for my mom and it fit her well - the sleeve length is perfect because she's so petite.

I wanted a halter bra top for layering, and liked the fact that these have soft cup inserts instead of just having a shelf bra, so I got two (black and white). As I previously mentioned, when I placed my order I thought my chest measurement was 92-94cm, so I picked size L. Unfortunately, the band is definitely too big for me and the cups are probably best for an A or B cup. So the size L is probably a good fit for someone who's roughly a 38B. They're still okay for layering, but I probably wouldn't buy them again.

Overall, I'm really happy with the quality of the clothes, and I like the fact that their clothing is all sized, even the stretchy stuff. In addition to the UV block line, they have some clothes that are designed to be cooling or warming, which might be nice to check out. I'll definitely be ordering more from Voyya in the future!


  1. Wow!!! they reduced the order minimum to five items? That's sooo awesome! Was the shipping price still the same though? (based on weight?) thanks :D

    1. Shipping price is still based on weight, so it's cheaper to buy more (since there's a flat base fee). Definitely very reasonably priced, still! :D