Saturday, August 11, 2012


The post title (小可愛) is the Taiwanese word for camisole. It literally translates to "small cute [thing]" so I was confused the first time I heard it because in  my mind a lot of things can be "小可愛!" The mainland Chinese word is 吊帶背心 (literal translation: vest/sleeveless shirt with straps) which makes a lot more sense but I suppose isn't as catchy.

Anyway, my mom came back from Taiwan recently and bought me a couple of things ^___^

I asked for this organizer because I kept on accidentally leaving stuff I needed when I switched between bags. It's the perfect size to put in the white bow bag I bought from them earlier this year. Haven't put anything in it yet, but it has lots of differently sized pockets.

She visited one of the PG Beauty stores in Taipei and said they were super nice. Apparently they have a lifetime warranty - if the zipper breaks or the strap tears or something like that, you can go get it fixed. Pretty nice deal considering most of their stuff is less than $20.

Also, she knows I really like Muji (無印良品), so she bought me this awesome cape/scarf/shawl thingy:

Knit Cape with Button, $45.95 at Muji US

Basically there are two sets of buttons/holes, which lets you wear it as a scarf, shawl, cardigan, etc. Pretty fun! It's really soft~

Also, since my mom's back, she decided to go online shopping (yay end-of-season sales) and I tagged along with her order. I really like navy blue >___<

Unrelated-to-everything-else photo: after not really wearing makeup for three months I decided to put on circle lenses and lashes. (To go work on applications at Starbucks. yeah.) But I got a headache after half an hour so I tossed the lenses - guess I should invest in torics if I really want to wear circle lenses. (I bought the spherical equivalent so I could see perfectly fine, but I guess my eyes can't tolerate it.)

Well this has been super disjointed. Hopefully I'll go back to dressing decently soon...


  1. OMGS! : D I recently went to PG beauty too to buy my bags! : D

    1. I've never been to the actual store! I am totally gonna go next year though :D