Friday, April 20, 2012

Nail UP! May 2012

After keeping my nails short for years for practical purposes, I started growing them out freshman year of college - but for the last few months they've been breaking/peeling and I don't know why! I started using Sally Hansen "Hard as Wraps" base coat, and that seems to help, so I'm growing them out again now.

The school year is ending soon, so tests/papers/finals/projects are all piling up, but I definitely want to start painting my nails again. May's Nail UP! has a ton of gorgeous ideas:

- World Map: Paris, LA, Hawaii, London, Bulgaria, Bali, Spain, Brazil
- Jewel Box: Emerald, Pink Diamond, Ruby, Pearl, Sapphire, Amethyst, Diamond, Turquoise
- Favorite Characters: Disney, Sanrio, animals, etc.
- Private Nail
- Fall in Love

Order Nail Selection: Pink, Nude, Pastel, French, Wedding, Gel

Bonus: Spring Pedicure

Warning: image-heavy!

Click to enlarge.

World Map

Those stripes make me think of candy corn more than anything else...

Somehow both tartan and the Union Jack pattern seem more autumn-y to me.

It's not very clear, but the Bulgaria pattern involves using lace to stencil on a pattern in black.

Jewel Box

This "sapphire" looks a lot like lapis lazuli, actually. Very cool!

Those turquoise talons are pretty scary.

Favorite Characters

Private Nail

Sort of mode style? I can't really tell what look they're going for here - not my favorite.

Fall in Love

Order Nail Selection

I don't know what "Order Nail Selection" means. But hey, 1100 patterns!

Spring Pedicure

My toenails are bizarrely tiny/weirdly shaped, so I've never actually painted them. These cute designs make me wish I could, though!

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