Monday, April 16, 2012

Jewelmint Review

So I didn't check my mail for a few days, and this is what I found today:
Jewelmint, Hollister,, and eBay packages!

I've heard a lot about Jewelmint, but most of it is from aggressive advertising - actual reviews seem to be pretty mixed. Personally, I rarely pay $30 for jewelry, and definitely not for costume jewelry, so I wasn't about to commit to paying $30 for jewelry every month!

But I caved and bought one piece - just one.

I signed up to take their style quiz because I was curious, but didn't really like any of the pieces suggested, so I never thought much about it. Periodically, they sent out discount codes (codes up to 50% off seem pretty common) but even for $15 I didn't really see anything I liked. Until I saw this:

I love seals. Really. When I was little, I used to melt crayons over the incandescent bulb of my desk lamp (totally safe, I know) so that I could press my Chinese seal into the melted wax. Gold crayons were my favorite. Anyway, as soon as I saw this necklace, I loved the idea. But I wasn't sure about the length - I like longer necklaces.

And sold! It just so happens that Jewelmint sent out a 70% off code the day before...but actually, I didn't buy it then, because I was trying not to spend money. Then the code expired =__=; and I was upset because I realized that I had really wanted this necklace, but I wasn't about to pay full price for a few days later, when JM sent out another 70% off code, I bought it immediately (April 6).

After ordering, I read a bit more and realized that there was basically no way to opt out of the auto-charge of $29.99 for one credit per month, and that I would have to manually opt out each month. So I emailed customer service to cancel my account. To their credit, they did so promptly - unfortunately, this also meant I couldn't see the status of my order anymore! I did receive a confirmation email when my order was shipped (April 10), but I wish they would have included the tracking number instead of telling me that I could find the tracking code in my "Jewelry Box" (which I no longer had access to, since I had closed my account).

Since I didn't have access to the tracking number, I was pleasantly surprised to see this package in my mailbox today:

The jewelry is packaged in a really lovely mint-green box. The ribbon has an elasticized back, so it slides right on/off without needing to be untied. Nice presentation for a gift!

On the inside lid of the box is a little card giving the name and details of the item. Really nice touch, especially for a gift.

The necklace looks exactly like the stock photos, though the chain does seem a little delicate. Overall, for $8.99, I was really happy with the quality of the necklace. However, since I'm not a fan of most of Jewelmint's designs, I have to say that overall Jewelmint is a miss for me - I might create a new account so I can browse through at my leisure again, without having to opt out of payments each month. If I see a design I like and have a code for at least 50% off, I might or might not buy.


  1. Wow! The necklace is very nice!

    1. It's nicer than other pieces on the site, I think. I'm excited to wear it!

  2. Check out JewelBox!! They made handmade custom jewelry made just for you and mail it right to your door! :)