About Me

General Information
anjelin. 20. Student.
US citizen by birth, Han/Hakka Chinese and Amei (Taiwanese aboriginal tribe) by blood, Taiwanese by parental culture.
Language capabilities in order of decreasing fluency: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Latin.
Likes wax apples, glass bottles, and deckled edges.
Contact me at iamnothighfashion@gmail.com

About Fashion
My fashion philosophy: the most important part of any outfit is how it makes you feel.
I have no interest in high fashion. I suppose I don't understand it, nor do I have any desire to understand it. All I want from my clothes is a creative outlet that lets me feel pretty. I have no real loyalty to any brand or style.

Colors: navy blue, dark red
Fashion magazines: Popteen, Ray
Books: The Little Prince, The Alchemist

"Is it a crime to want things to be beautiful?" - Emma Bovary, Madame Bovary (1949)