Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Outfit 10/03/12

What I wore today:
Cardigan: Forever21
Camisole: Kirkland (Costco...yes, seriously)
Shorts: Forever21
Socks: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21
Bag: B.D.G.

Highs here are finally dropping below 90°F.

Just bought a ton of clothes from Forever21 because they had a extra-half-off-sale-prices sale. Love the sweater but a button fell off almost immediately and I had to re-sew it.

Cable Knit Cardigan, Linen Blended Shorts, and T-Strap Bell Heels (Forever21)


  1. I love forever 21!! I also got something from their sale. It was awesome, I got this tanktop for 3 bucks.

  2. I hate it when newly bought clothes are so flimsy, yet I can't say no to a bargain!

  3. Found this on pinterest and could totally see you wearing this!:

    1. I love it!

      Can't wait for it to be cold enough to dress cute all the time ^____^