Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wearing Kids' Clothes - Target Edition

Every so often there's an article about adults buying children's clothes for themselves, usually because it's cheaper or because they like the style. Probably the most well-known article is "Cool, Condensed" (New York Times, 2011), which focuses on adult interest in Gap Kids following its Stella McCartney collaboration.

A lot of petite bloggers (like Jen of From Head to Toe and Xiaxue) mention wearing clothes from, for example, J. Crew's Crewcuts line, or Abercrombie Kids. My mom is very petite (5'2" and ~95lb) so she occasionally wears girls' jeans (she has a pair that I wore in 6th grade), but I always figured I was too big to wear kids' clothes (5'4.5" and ~135lb), so I never looked seriously. But today at Target I found this dress on sale for $13 and fell in love with it:

Cherokee Girls Eyelet Dress - White

Cute detail - the straps are lined with pink seersucker material. The back is totally shirred, and the straps (which are crossed in the back by default) are attached in the back by buttons, so I was able to uncross them - and then it fit perfectly! I was so happy, especially since I just donated my last white sundress (from J. Crew) because I bought it when I was about 10lb heavier and it's too big for me now...

I'm kind of tempted to buy the same dress in navy. The seersucker dresses are pretty cute, too, and they have the same button straps and shirred back. Too bad they're all sold out online/ my local store...

Cherokee Girls Eyelet Dress - Navy, Cherokee Girls Lawn Dress - Pink, Blue

I grew up wearing Target's Cherokee line, so it's pretty funny to me that I can still wear (some of) their clothes - and that I still like them!

I wouldn't recommend buying kids' clothes online because the proportions tend to be different, but I think I'll start looking through the kids' section whenever I shop in-store.

Do you wear kids' clothes? Would you?

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